Dua for rain

Dua for rain: Rain is one of the most critical factors in sustaining life on Earth, and it plays a vital role in the continuity of activity in a region. It is mentioned in various verses of the Qur’an, where Allah Almighty provides ample information about rain formation, its proportions, and its effects.
Here we introduce some of the “Duas for rain: ” that the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) used to recite when it rained.

Dua When It Is Raining 

Narrated Aisha: Whenever Allah’s Apostle saw the rain, he used to say,

O Allah! Let it be a strong fruitful rain.

اللَّهُمَّ صَيِّبًا نَافِعًا

Allaahumma Sayyiban naafi’a

Dua After Raining

“Mutirnaa bifadhlillaahi wa rahmatihi

مُطِـرْنا بِفَضْـلِ اللهِ وَرَحْمَـتِه

We Have Been Given Rain By The Grace And Mercy Of Allah.

Dua To Stop Rain

اللَّهُمَّ حَوَالَيْنَا وَلاَ عَلَيْنَا اللَّهُمَّ عَلَى الآكَامِ وَالظِّرَابِ وَبُطُونِ الأَوْدِيَةِ وَمَنَابِتِ الشَّجَرِ

Allaahumma Hawaalaynaa Wa Laa Alaynaa. Allaahumma Alal- Aakaami Wadh-Dhiraabi, Wa Butoonil- Awdiyati, Wa Manaabitish-Shajari.

O Allah, around us and not on us.; O Allah, on the hills and mountains, the bottoms of the valleys and where the trees grow.’


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