dua for deceased

dua for deceased: In times of loss and grief, it is important to turn to our faith and find solace in the remembrance of Allah. One powerful way to honor and remember our departed loved ones is through the recitation of dua (supplication) for deceased.

dua for deceased

Say it when you hear the news of someone’s death

إِنَّا لِلَّٰهِ وَإِنَّا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعُونَ‎, ʾ(innā li-llāhi wa-ʾinna ʾilayhi rājiʿūn )

meaning “Verily we belong to Allah and verily to Him do we return.”

The Importance of Dua for the Deceased:
In Islam, our responsibilities toward the deceased are believed to extend beyond their physical passing. We are encouraged to remember them, pray for them, and seek forgiveness and mercy on their behalf. Dua for deceased

dua for deceased

“Allahumma ighfir li (name of the deceased) warhamhu, wa’afihi, wa’fu’anhu.”

اللهم اغفر ليتي (اسم المتوفى) وارحمه، واعف عنه.

Translation: “O Allah, forgive (name of the deceased), have mercy upon him, heal him, and pardon him.”

dua for deceased:2

“Allahummaghfir lihayyina wa mayyitina, wa shahidina wa gha’ibina, wa saghirina wa kabirina, wa dhakarina wa unthana.”

اللهم اغفر لحيينا وميتينا، وشاهدينا وغائبينا، وصغيرينا وكبيرينا، وذكرينا وأنثانا.

Translation: “O Allah, forgive our living and our dead, those who are present among us and those who are absent, our young and our old, our males and our females.”

dua for deceased:3

“Rabbana afrigh ‘alayhim sabran wa tawaffahum Muslimin.”

ربنا افرغ عليهم صبرا وتوفهم مسلمين

Translation: “Our Lord, pour upon them patience and let them die as Muslims [in submission to You].”

What can we do for our loved ones that have proceeded us to the grave? Is it permissible to cry? Can we pray certain surahs from the Qur’an a certain number of times?

May Allah accept our supplications and grant mercy to all the departed souls. Ameen.

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